Monday, May 29, 2006

Another Stillman OT winner

Canes won 4-3 in OT. Yet another OT winner by Cory Stillman. Honestly, if the Canes want to win in OT, just give the puck to Stillman, Staal, or Wallin. They always seem to get it in the back of the net.
The game was ok for the Canes. Not their most spectactular, but at least they won it, right? Gerber was pulled in the second after letting in three. He made a couple good saves, but didn't look too sharp when he got faked out in the third. Cam Ward came in and let in no goals. I kinda wonder what was up with Gerber, seeing as he was awesome in Game 4, but where did it go in this game? Props to Laviolette for how he has managed the goalie situation throughout the playoffs.
Now on to Game 6 in Buffalo. If the Canes win, bring on Edmonton! If they lose, well, Game 7 for us.
I really REALLY don't want a Game 7. If there is one bad bounce - *poof!* there goes your season. Not to mention I'd have to put up with all the Buffalo fans again. Now I know not all fans are obnoxious - some are actual people who just want to watch the game- but, man, those Buffalo fans are some of the worst I've seen at the RBC Center. If a group of Caniacs went to Buffalo, and during the intermissions walked around the arena screaming about our team - you know we'd be beat up. But no, because Caniacs seem to be gifted with the Southern hospitality, Buffalo fans just think they can walk all over us in our own arena. Luckily our team speaks for itself, and we don't need to shout about how great they are to make us feel better.
Of course, not all Caniacs are saints, but there were no fights at the RBC Center before the Buffalo invasion. Just remember that.
So yes, I don't want a Game 7. I don't think the next game will be easy to win, for either team. The Canes want to put the Buffalo menace out of their minds, while Buffalo will want to extend its season another game.
In other words: I expect a good, tough game tomorrow.

It's Memorial Day! Remember those who died for you!

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