Saturday, April 08, 2006

So long, Crapitals

Canes beat the Crapitals 4-3. Canes scored three short-handed goals - two on the same Caps power play. Last game the Canes will play against Washington this season, thankfully. Now I won't have to hear about Alexander Ovechkin and how great he is... at least till next season. The guy is good, though. 100 pts in a rookie season is hard to accomplish. Of course, those who don't follow hockey didn't understand those last few statements... but I don't really care.
Canes will play the Atlanta Thrashers tonight. A must-win for the Thrashers if they want to stay close in the playoff race. Of course, I dont want them to win because I dont want the Canes to face them in the playoffs. *shudders* Atlanta always plays the dirtiest games... not to mention I really dislike Ilya Kovulchuk.

In other news, Brett Favre held a press conference to say that he still wasn't sure if he was playing or not next season. Why hold a press conference if you still haven't made a decision?
I hope he comes back. He can still throw the football... not to mention I don't have that much faith in Aaron Rodgers, his backup.

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