Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Rant about people in general

So glad... no homework tonight. means I'll actually go to sleep instead of either staying up waiting for emails from group project members, or staying up worrying/fuming about said group project.
I really hate group projects. No matter who is in your group, one won't do his/her share of the work, or their work will be such crap you have to do their work anyways. Then one of your members will want to get together after school to work, and you know this is a ploy to get that person's friends over, or it's someone who you absolutely hate, so therefore, you wouldn't want to spend any extra time with them.
Maybe I'm anti-social. But I'd rather be anti-social than be one of those people who can totally diss someone all day, but then go up to them and act like they're best of friends.
The sad part is, all of these situations have happened to me at one time or another.

Canes play the Crapitals tonight. (again! man, whoever schedules NHL games should be fired! the Canes play the Crapitals 5 times in 14 days! How stupid is that?)

*I hate stupid people*

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