Wednesday, April 12, 2006

grrr... stupid Devils

Canes lost in overtime 4-3. I had several problems with this game:
1) The stupid refs! Several blatant penalties against the Devils were overlooked by the refs, and there were several botched calls against the Canes including the tripping call against Justin Williams that led to New Jersey's 3rd goal. May I recommend my optometrist? Cause those refs are stinkin BLIND!
2) Eric Staal, you rock. You scored the goal that had the game go to overtime. But could you play defense once in a while? The Devils first goal happened primarily because the forwards crashed the net but didn't get back on defense!
3) Not necessarily the Canes fault, but Ottawa won 4-3 in overtime, meaning that Ottawa now has the sole possesion of the lead in the Eastern Conference. Canes are only one point behind, but if they had won, they would still be tied.
Thankfully, the rest of the game was well played.

Easter Break starts today!

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